Tonino Lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini

that’s right. Lamborghini is famous for its supercars.
Did you know that Lamborghini also had a real estate business?

In overseas real estate, Lamborghini Residence is the ultimate real estate project that represents not only Egypt but all over Africa.

Since it is only available in four countries (Egypt, Dubai, China, Brazil), its premium value is tremendous, and it is sold at a reasonable price in Dubai and China.

3700 USD per square meter in Dubai.
If the room is 83㎡, it will be 307,100 USD!
In today’s Japanese yen, that would be about 45 million yen∑(゚Д゚)

That Lamborghini!
In Egypt, you can still buy it at about 1/3 the price than in Dubai ☆

It’s still early days for sale, and the construction of Egypt’s new capital has just begun!

However, it is still expensive, isn’t it?
But don’t worry!

In Egypt, any number of people can buy together!
Therefore, it is possible to share and own it with everyone (^-^)

Then what is the price you care about? ?

・・・We look forward to hearing from you☆

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