M.S(33) Health care workers

After reading a book about overseas real estate, I was fascinated by the potential that domestic real estate lacked.
Originally, I was involved in real estate management in Japan, so I didn’t have a strong sense of resistance. I thought it was about the world.
However, as I listened to people who had already started investing, I began to think that I might be able to do it, and that I might regret it if I didn’t start now.
I asked about the risks persistently, and after thinking about it for a while, I finally decided to purchase it.
Of course, the post-purchase procedure was in English, but it was easier than I had imagined, thanks to the careful follow-up.
In addition, they regularly share photos and videos of the local situation and progress, so I feel very close to them and I have less worries.
In the future, I think it is very important to be actively involved in asset management.
I have a very average income, and I don’t have much knowledge or assets, but the experience of owning overseas real estate has given me confidence.
I feel that one of the changes is that I have come to pay attention not only to local trends but also to society and the economy as a whole.
I was a little surprised to think that I would even try my hand at overseas real estate, but I’m glad I took the first step.
Of course, my primary goal is to increase my assets, so I would like to consult with you about various things, including the timing of the sale.
August 2, 2022

S.K(34) FP

I work as an FP and have introduced G.I.S to many of our customers, including myself.
When it comes to overseas real estate, it is still not well known in Japan, and there are many schemes such as fraud. Mr. Kitamura, the representative of the company, personally visited the country to see if it was suitable as an investment destination from a wide range of perspectives such as population, language, politics and economy. In terms of judging, it is a company that gives me a very sense of security.
Also, G.I.S puts investment efficiency and returns first, and the high cost performance is also attractive. After the purchase, he frequently visits the site for after-sales follow-up, and the progress of the project is delivered in real time with photos and videos.
We would like to have a long relationship with you as a company that can deliver carefully selected overseas real estate investments to countries where growth is expected in the future.
Family composition: wife (32), son (4) April 13, 2023

K.Y(34) Company employee/sole proprietor

Overseas real estate can be done by students and housewives, and I think one of the attractions is that you can do it without taking out a loan like domestic real estate.
In addition, from an investment point of view, it is also advantageous to save money in foreign currency as a countermeasure against the weak yen, and the break-even point is earlier than domestic real estate.
Compared to other companies, G.I.S has a lower initial cost, excellent support, and if you have any problems, they respond surprisingly quickly.
In addition, people who are fluent in English visit the site every month, so you can get the latest information.
And personally, the biggest attraction is that the investment itself is directly linked to local volunteers. I have a track record of getting poor people, who used to make a living selling flowers on the street or working at night, to get a job at a super major company (ANA class in Japan), and I think it is worth doing as a social contribution. We are here!
May 7, 2023

Y.S(42) teacher

I had made multiple investments that I had researched and convinced myself.
Meanwhile, I was able to meet Mr. Kitamura by chance through a friend’s introduction.
When I was first introduced to overseas real estate, I didn’t have the opportunity to go abroad casually, and I didn’t have any room to learn about the local characteristics.
I had a few hours of stories with a small number of people at the drinking table.
I asked questions about any unclear points, and while getting solid answers, I understood the details of the investment.
I also decided to give it a try because of Mr. Kitamura’s personality.
Even after the purchase, if you feel free to ask questions about anything you don’t understand, they will solve the problem for you.
In the future, we will rely on not only overseas real estate, but also information on domestic real estate, virtual currency, FX, and various other investment products, as well as advice as a FP.
Investing is ultimately a decision you make yourself.
I believe that if I fail, it’s my fault, not someone else’s.
Family: Wife (41) June 19, 2023

T.H(38) pharmacist

I have been considering real estate investment as one of the asset formation for a long time.
However, it was difficult to find a good property in terms of investment efficiency and time to ask a contractor for a studio or apartment in Japan, or to search for one by myself.
Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines, there are high expectations in terms of demographic bonus and GDP growth rate, and it is possible to own a property in the city center without using a loan (saving the credit line).
I was worried about whether the property would be built properly, but I was relieved to have a contract with only a developer with a proven track record.
It was a little complicated to deal with overseas contractors and domestic emails and documents, but it was much easier than when I filed my tax return for the first time. smile
I appreciate that you can pay by credit card.
I’m looking forward to the development of the Philippines and the completion of the property!
Family composition: Wife (38) Son (11) Daughter (6) June 24, 2023


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