Donation/Individual Support/Employment Support

Started support in the Philippines.
I started donating to Cambodia.

Improving your life, helping with your child’s dream birthday party, helping you find a job locally, etc..

Our company’s goal, representative Kitamura’s personal goal, is to invest in developing countries and support the poor.
As a Japanese, I grew up in a naturally successful environment, so I have a strong desire to do what I can to help developing countries.

It is not uncommon for countries abroad to have no assistance at all from countries that protect their citizens, such as public assistance.
There are many children who are not properly educated.
You have to live desperately with your own power.

As a personal background for representative Kitamura, my uncle worked in the position of secretary-general of the United Nations.
At that time, WHO and other organizations were working to vaccinate and support young children in impoverished areas around the world.

Now I have the chance to do it.
If so, I started these activities with the desire to do everything in my power to challenge myself, day by day, even though I may die tomorrow.

In addition, overseas real estate investment will lead to the development of these countries.

We will continue to pass on these activities to future generations so that good things can spread in a good way.

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