Making a profit just by being alive

In the Philippines, there is a custom to celebrate grandly, such as birthday parties.

But of course it costs money.
I heard that the children I am supporting this time are working hard to live every day, and that they have never held a birthday party, and that it is their dream to do so.

“Then let’s do it! I’ll take it all out.”
I told them without hesitation.
There is nothing in return. I don’t want that kind of thing.
If I could make even one dream come true for the children who are desperately living on their own tomorrow, there was no hesitation.

We communicated every day, and we were able to successfully hold the party, and thankfully, we were invited to the party.
From small children to the elderly, everyone was smiling and their eyes were sparkling.

“Make a profit just by being alive”
Akashiya Sanma’s famous quote.

No matter how much money you have, live positively and powerfully.
There are always good things in life.
I would like everyone in Japan to feel that way.

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