Can you arrange financing?

No financing is required during pre-build.
After construction is completed, it is also possible to arrange financing with Japanese or local banks.

No financing is required until the sale.
*Financing is also possible.

Do you have a yield guarantee?

Yield guarantees are generally not guaranteed. Delays and content changes are common.
We do not charge additional fees from our customers, and above all, we give back to our investors! reduction! because we place the utmost importance on
When selling or renting money in Japanese yen, tax will be charged in Japan according to the period.
Pre-built and retained are not taxed in Japan. No confirmation is required.

Are there any other costs besides the purchase price?

Support costs apply.
Our support fee is 600,000 yen per room regardless of the country or property price. We do not charge any monthly support fees.
The lowest price in the industry. We will fully support you until the sale.

Reservation deposit: 15,000 to 30,000 pesos (36,000 to 72,000 yen) * Appropriate for property price
Apostille fee: 23,000 yen to 34,000 yen

Down payment: 10-20% of the property price
DHL (return the contract to the site): Approx. 25,000 yen *Free depending on the developer

Can I see the actual property?

In order to get you excited instead of that anxiety,
I actually go to the country and actually shoot photos and videos of the property and the surrounding area.
You can also check the properties we handle on GOOGLE MAP.

Is there any post-purchase support?

Of course. We support not only overseas real estate but also other investment in general, including final tax return.


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