Egyptian real estate, Philippine real estate, and Uzbekistan real estate are hot! !

Did you know that overseas real estate has been attracting attention as an investment destination in recent years?
By the way, investors around the world have been investing in overseas real estate for a long time.
Why is overseas real estate investment starting to attract attention in Japan? This is because we live in an era where investing overseas has more benefits than investing in Japan.
I also think that the number of people who are starting to realize this is gradually increasing.

Japan was able to grow during its period of high economic growth due to various factors. We are now providing this technology to developing countries.
Among overseas investment destinations, it is not easy to select countries that are attracting more attention and are expected to exhibit significant growth. That’s why I travel to various countries every month to see first-hand the state of development and current situation in each country. No matter how developed a country is, in order to convey good things to everyone in a good way, it is necessary to judge how suitable a country is for investment.
The most important thing is population. Add to this the economics and your own passionate reasons, and ease of investment is also important.
After visiting many countries and carefully selecting the above, we came to the conclusion that Egypt, the Philippines, and Uzbekistan are extremely hot.


Reasons why Egypt real estate is hot

Population growth rate

New capital

Factory of the world

Reasons why Philippine real estate is hot

Population bonus

English as official language


Reasons why Uzbek real estate is hot

Population growth rate


Public safety/Education



S.K(34) FP

I work as an FP and have introduced G.I.S to many of our customers, including myself.
When it comes to overseas real estate, it is still not well known in Japan, and there are many schemes such as fraud. Mr. Kitamura, the representative of the company, personally visited the country to see if it was suitable as an investment destination from a wide range of perspectives such as population, language, politics and economy. In terms of judging, it is a company that gives me a very sense of security.
Also, G.I.S puts investment efficiency and returns first, and the high cost performance is also attractive. After the purchase, he frequently visits the site for after-sales follow-up, and the progress of the project is delivered in real time with photos and videos.
We would like to have a long relationship with you as a company that can deliver carefully selected overseas real estate investments to countries where growth is expected in the future.
Family composition: wife (32), son (4) April 13, 2023

K.Y(34) Company employee/sole proprietor

Overseas real estate can be done by students and housewives, and I think one of the attractions is that you can do it without taking out a loan like domestic real estate.
In addition, from an investment point of view, it is also advantageous to save money in foreign currency as a countermeasure against the weak yen, and the break-even point is earlier than domestic real estate.
Compared to other companies, G.I.S has a lower initial cost, excellent support, and if you have any problems, they respond surprisingly quickly.
In addition, people who are fluent in English visit the site every month, so you can get the latest information.
And personally, the biggest attraction is that the investment itself is directly linked to local volunteers. I have a track record of getting poor people, who used to make a living selling flowers on the street or working at night, to get a job at a super major company (ANA class in Japan), and I think it is worth doing as a social contribution. We are here!
May 7, 2023


Do you have a yield guarantee?

Yield guarantees are generally not guaranteed. Delays and content changes are common.
We do not charge additional fees from our customers, and above all, we give back to our investors! reduction! because we place the utmost importance on
When selling or renting money in Japanese yen, tax will be charged in Japan according to the period.
Pre-built and retained are not taxed in Japan. No confirmation is required.

Can I see the actual property?

In order to get you excited instead of that anxiety,
I actually go to the country and actually shoot photos and videos of the property and the surrounding area.
You can also check the properties we handle on GOOGLE MAP.

Is there any post-purchase support?

Of course. We support not only overseas real estate but also other investment in general, including final tax return.


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