About overseas real estate investment

1.What are the characteristics of overseas real estate investment?

There are many countries where overseas real estate can be purchased by anyone in Japan and overseas.
Of course, depending on the country, it is possible to purchase only a condominium (apartment type), and depending on the country, you can also purchase a detached house or land.

2.Future outlook for overseas real estate investment

In Egypt,
Property prices increase by 20-30% every year,
The annual rent is expected to be 20% of the total property value and the rent increases by 10% each year.

In the Philippines and Uzbekistan, property prices and rents are increasing every year.

While Japan is becoming an underdeveloped country, overseas countries are rapidly developing.
In this day and age, it is highly recommended to diversify your assets overseas rather than in Japan.

Things to watch out for when investing in overseas real estate

1.Overseas real estate investment risk

Risk is inherent in any investment.
Even in overseas real estate investment, there are various risks such as country situation, foreign exchange profit and loss, company selection, natural disasters, registration method, etc. At our company, G.I.S, as an asset management professional, we will thoroughly explain not only the advantages but also the disadvantages and risks to our customers so that they can be satisfied with their overseas real estate investment.

2.Actual information of the property

In overseas real estate investment, there is a concern that the actual property cannot be seen because the property is located overseas in the first place. In that, there are not a few schemes such as fraud.
At our company, the representative himself actually visits the site and has purchased a lot of local photos and videos. In addition, we are doing our best to change everyone’s anxiety into excitement, such as setting up a ZOOM meeting with the local person in charge.


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