Super accelerated economy Africa

I have a favorite book recently.
“Super-accelerated economy Africa”

This book is a great way to learn about Africa’s rapid growth and the current situation in Africa based on various data.
Highly recommended☆

In Egypt, the average annual income is the same as in Japan, and 37% of the population of the capital Cairo exceeds the average annual income in Japan.

Kenya, where cashless is more advanced than Japan,

Nigeria, which has a population of 200 million and is building a city like Dubai,

Countries where more people die from obesity than from hunger,

In a good way, it breaks down your stereotypes about Africa.

In this book, there is a description of a company that has succeeded in exporting used cars to Africa.
The used car export company that I worked for for 9 years was already a major player in the used car industry, exporting to Africa.

As I recall, I worked with various African people and had various jobs related to exporting to Africa. It’s very nostalgic.

I am excited to be involved in Africa once again, and I also feel that the demand for business in Africa is through the roof.

Reasons for recommending Egyptian real estate:
There are so many reasons I can’t write them all. lol

and read this book,
Once again, I was able to realize that investment and business in Egypt is extremely hot.

・Population bonus
・New capital
・Special economic zone
・Investment from all over the world as a gateway to Africa
・Economic stability
・Less natural disasters

If you are interested, please read it (^^)
Thank you for introducing me to this book.

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