big inflation

There is likely to be another price increase in Egypt next month.
It is said that the reason is that there is a high possibility that inflation will come in Egypt next month. It is amazing~!

In the previous inflation, some of the properties we handle have increased by 15% (_)

But this is no wonder.
In Japan in the 1980s, land prices increased tenfold due to rapid economic growth,
In the Philippines, the price of land has increased tenfold in the last ten years.

Do you have such a good story? ! lol
I often get this question, but I think it’s a natural feeling from overseas, which is still in the middle of growth.
Just like Japan used to be.

The depreciation of the yen is also a big tailwind for holding overseas assets.
I often hear that the yen will return to a strong yen anyway, but is it really going to return only temporarily due to the adjustment?

As I mentioned in my previous article, I can’t find any reason for the appreciation of the yen in Japan today.
※If you are interested in the reason, please contact us (^^)

Those who are considering Egyptian real estate!
Those who are thinking of additional purchase!
Egypt real estate has limited inventory.
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