Acceleration of yen depreciation

The depreciation of the yen is accelerating.
The power of the circle is very weak. .

The underlying reason is the failure of Japan’s monetary policy.
It is because of the wrong policy of “quantitative easing” by the Bank of Japan.

Another big reason is that the country itself is very weak.

1 dollar = 140 yen now,
In the future, it wouldn’t be strange if 1 dollar = 180-200 yen.

Looking further ahead, it wouldn’t be strange to have hyperinflation like Venezuela.
A vicious cycle continues to occur.

I’ve been asked a lot lately, so what should we do?

it’s simple.
Send your valuable assets abroad
Overseas base of life
Take your business abroad

Here, if we specialize in assets,
On the other hand, if you go on a strange path, you may lose your assets.

What should I do then?

Above all, it is safe to operate with traditional financial products that are also in the field of FP.

Among them, placing more weight overseas is the best solution, and isn’t it a way to become rich in Japan now?

Real estate falls under this traditional financial product,
Overseas real estate is exactly what is described above.
That’s why I myself also do overseas real estate (^_^)

If you read this and thought it was dangerous, if you are interested in overseas operations,
We look forward to hearing from you soon via DM or LINE official☆

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