To the actual construction site! ! in Philippines②

If you notice, I travel to the Philippines every month. Every month, I go to inspect the construction status of various projects.
I will travel to the Philippines again this month (^.^)

last month,
I visited the construction site of JADE Residence of “SMDC”, which I also purchased, and the nearby showroom.

A very beautiful lounge, an attached staff who will respond firmly, a showroom that reproduces the image of the actual room to the utmost.

I can’t stop being excited when I think about the possibility of being able to live in it in a few years, rent it, AirBnb, and sell it at a high price!

Those who want to experience the actual construction situation, the showroom, and the atmosphere of the Philippines,
I am in the Philippines every month, so I can attend anytime.

We do not charge any attendance fees.
You can feel free to travel together with your trip (^ ^)

Let’s go see the place together!

Local attendance has already been decided for August and September.
If you would like to travel, please contact us via LINE or DM ♫

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